Privacy Policies Updated for Junction 116, LLC 5-18-2018

Please be advised that as of 5-18-2018, the Privacy Policies on Junction 116, LLC sites have been updated. They can be found at the following URLs. Our Blogs: Our Main Website: Have a Fantastic Weekend! Yours in Service, Raven & Ron

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Introduction of Bubba the Box Turtle

We apologize for not posting our Friday updates. But, we needed to settle in our latest resident. Bubba the Box Turtle. A little backstory. Bubba is a female box turtle from Dallastown, Pennsylvania. She is 25 years young with a birthday coming this August of 2018. Bubba’s beginnings were not very pleasant to say the […]

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Gram ~ The Final Chapter

While I titled this the final chapter. I will have many other adventures of Gram to share. So the big day has arrived for her transport to Haven at Springwood. A little back story first. When the social workers approached me that she could not return home and had to be in a facility. I […]

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February 17, 2018

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Everyone has a Story ~ Here is Ours

Hello there, I am Neall, one of the co-owners of Junction 116, LLC.  And I wanted to take a moment to share my our story (well, one of them) and in addition, answer a few questions asked of us along the way. Before I get started with my story. Yes, I will complete the series […]

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Gram Talking About Family History

Hope you enjoy listening to Gram as much as we do.   Shirley (Buckland) aka (Nan, Gram) Talking about our Family History Originally Recorded on VHS 02/06/1991 Copied from VHS – 01/03/2017 CREDITS Shirley E. Woodham (Buckland) aka Nan 01-04-1927 – 10-23-2015 We all we miss you Nan R Neall Childs aka Raven Transferred from […]

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Missing You Nan ~ 91

January 4th, 1927 ~ October 21st, 2015 Shirley Eileen Hemming~Buckland (Childs/Woodham) It is hard to believe that a little over two years ago, that an inoperable stage four cancer appeared out of nowhere; and took this incredible loving woman grandmother away from us. There is no doubt in my mind though, that had it not […]

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A Cherished Memory

There are some memories that stand out more than others. And then there are those precious ones that make such an impact that they touch your heart so deeply; that it echoes in crystal clarity for years after. It was early in December of 2014; noontime. A normal day as any other, except for the […]

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Gram’s Aftermath a Preliminary Retrospective

How did Gram find herself moving into assisted living? For that story, we will have to go back about 5 years. And it all starts with a small abdominal hernia that had reached a stage of discomfort for Gram. She simply could not deal with it any longer. They only reason she put it off […]

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Gram (Nan – Shirley) Photos

I thought some fun snapshots of Gram would be a welcomed change to the current story line. (I really needed the distraction before writing about the assisted living events) So here are a few photos (of her thousands) from her travels. Miss You Gram (Nan) Love Always Neall (grandson)  

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The Stubborn Brit – Aftermath (Part 4)

To Continue… Today is the fateful day I must break the news to her. A day that would at least for me change my entire future of her care. When I arrived at Manor Care, I parked as far I could from the front door. I really needed that walk to take some breaths and […]

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